Akshara Singh Viral MMS Video: Famous personality of bhojpuri industry Akshara Singh become a hot news at this time on whole social media. Akshara Singh become trending because of his leaked Viral MMS video. On this video a girl will seen in a objectional position with a boy individuals say’s that this girl is Akshara Singh.

According to many media channels the face in video are not clearly visible and we can’t say 100% this girl is Akshara Singh. But many individuals say’s that this girl is Akshara Singh so on this situation we don’t believe anyone. Many fans of Akshara Singh say’s that the Akshara Singh is a famous personality has been goes on big boss ott show. And it is super growing actor so it is main reason because anybody hater wants to do defame akshara Singh. So please read this full article we will totally define about this Viral mms video and akshara Singh ‘s statement for her mms.

Akshara Singh Viral MMS video

Few days before kachha badam Anjali Arora’s viral mms video was viral and now akshara Singh’s video has been viral on whole social media. On this video a girl will seen in a objectional position with a boy individuals say’s that this girl is Akshara Singh. After goes the viral video akshara Singh got upset and say’s that please stop share the video and please delete it. Akshara Singh was crying after viral this video. Akshara is very famous female actress in whole bhojpuri industry and she has 5 million followers on instagram. And also Akshara Singh is one of the highest paid actor in bhojpuri industry. Akshara Singh said This is very bad time of my life i can’t prove me currently because i don’t have any evidence but Soon I will start investigation about this case.

Akshara Singh Viral MMS Video

Akshara Singh has been become more famous after coming big boss show . she has been more like by big boss audience. But at this time hate are spread for akshara Singh.

Akshara Singh Viral Video

An actress who is always trend on social media by her song and video. But at this time she seen crying on video because of it’s Viral mms video. Akshara Singh has said that female actress become more target continuosly. Because many people don’t want to see girl famous and this video is totally fake , dubbed and edit with my face because of defame me.


We know that few days ago the mms video of Shilpa Raj has been viral. Shilpa Raj is also known as famous artist of bhojpuri industry. Shilpa Raj was always trending on social media by his song and dance video but Shilpa Raj also seen in a video in an objectional position with her boyfriend. So This same situation was held with Akshara Singh but we can’t prove this video is fake or real. We need evidence to prove it.

Akshara Singh said that please coperate with me and she started soon investigation about this cases. So please wait and after take decision this video is real or fake.

Will Akshara Singh’s career be ruined after the viral video?

We don’t say accurately what happens after this viral mms video but many people say’s that Akshara Singh is getting lot of hate in whole bhojpuri industry after viral this mms. Akshara Singh got depressed and seen crying in many videos. On the basis of current situation many people will spread hate for akshara Singh and say’s that we don’t like akshara Singh’s videos or song. But we don’t said exactly Will Akshara Singh’s career be ruined after the viral video. Because the face of girl seen in an video is not clearly visible so we don’t say this video is fake or real.

Akshara Singh are more famous actress of bhojpuri industry and work in many films and songs and fans of Akshara Singh are also like akshara Singh ‘s song and her videos. She is multi talented with a beauty many individuals say’s that she is a beauty queen of whole bhojpuri industry.

So for current time please stop share the Viral mms video of akshra singh because we don’t prove this video is fake or real.


Who’s Akshara Singh?

The akshara Singh are the famous actres of whole bhojpuri industry and she also has been participate in big boss ott show hosted by Karan Johar.

When did Akshara Singh ‘s video viral?

akshara Singh’s Viral mms video was viral on 15 September 2022