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kolkata ff fatafat result: Kolkata Fatafat is a type of gambling for which numbers are chosen by millions of people every day and money is put on them. in today’s page we are going to give you information about the results of yesterday’s numbers. It also seems that everyday people win and lose in this, Similarly, the trend of this game is very high.

This game is known as Kolkata Fatafat, for which people must register on the official website to enter the number, then after they choose from the given numbers, whose number is opened, he is given the reward amount by the website, which is many times more than the money invested, Due to this greed, these numbers are decided by the people every day, and this time, tomorrow’s numbers will be shown to us in the stage, in which you will be shown the number

kolkata ff fatafat result today Overview

Name of the Lottery kolkata fatafat ff
State West Bengal
Winning Prize Money Up to One Crore
Price of Kolkata FF lottery Rs. 6/-
Result date Online
Result status Available
Kolkata FF Official Website www.kolkataff.com

kolkata ff fatafat result 20 may

The result of the numbers put in Kolkata Fatafat comes after 1 day, in which let us tell all the people who put numbers that if you had selected the number in Kolkata Fatafat on 4th May, then its result is going to be released today on 5th May. You will be able to see the information by visiting the official website, whose direct link is this – www.kolkataff.com

All About kolkata ff fatafat result

This is a type of lottery game for which people choose numbers every day and win the amount. This game is organized by the city of Kolkata, for which the numbers are entered every day, in which the numbers are numbered four times on Sundays and from Monday to Saturday the number is numbered 8 times faster, its result is held on the second day in which we will tell you that on May 4. The result is that Yesterday’s result is going to be released today, whose details are as follows which we are going to tell below.

kolkata ff fatafat result today timings

The time table of Kolkata Fatafat Result is going to be held today, in which all the details from Monday to Saturday will be uploaded on the official website, in which the marks entered by the people will be displayed, whose numbers will be rewarded to them, whose time table is as follows:-

Round/ Baazi Timing
Round No. 1 10:03 am
Round No. 2 11:33 am
Round No. 3 01:03 pm
Round No. 4 02:33 pm
Round No. 5 04:03 pm
Round No. 6 05:33 pm
Round No. 7 07:03 pm
Round No. 8 08:33 pm

kolkata ff fatafat result today – Winning Prize Money

Position Prize Money
1st Position ₹1 Crore
2nd Position ₹9000/-
3rd Position ₹500/-
4th Position ₹250/-
5th Position ₹120/-
Kolkata Fatafat Result Today

How To Check kolkata ff fatafat result today?

  • First of all you have to go to the official website of Kolkata Fatafat Result which is this – www.kolkataff.com
  • Now you have to search by going to Kolkata Fatafat Result or Baji Result in search section.
  • Now you have to click on the option of lottery result.
  • After clicking on the lottery result option, a new window will open in your mobile phone and a list of winning numbers will appear in it.
  • Now you can check your number from the list of these winning numbers.

kolkata ff fatafat result winners numbers

Round Winning Number
First Round 345
Second Round 255
Third Round 389
Fourth Round 569
Fifth Round 999
Sixth Round 388
Seventh Round 145
Eighth Round 277

kolkata ff fatafat result today timings

5th May 2022

10:17 AM 11:45 AM 01:15 PM 02:45 PM 04:15 PM 05:45 PM 07:15 PM 08:45 PM
269 157 180
7 3 9
Kolkata Fatafat Result Today

4 May 2022

10:17 AM 11:45 AM 01:15 PM 02:45 PM 04:15 PM 05:45 PM 07:15 PM 08:45 PM
470 290 770 237 670 379 489 355
1 1 4 2 3 9 1 3
Kolkata Fatafat Result Today

2 May 2022

10:17 AM 11:45 AM 01:15 PM 02:45 PM 04:15 PM 05:45 PM 07:15 PM 08:45 PM
236 379 126 557 334 179 345 269
1 9 9 7 0 7 2 7
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Kkolkata ff fatafat result – FAQs

Q1.Kolkata Fatafat is related to which city?

Ans. Kolkata Fatafat lottery game is organized by the city of Kolkata for which numbers are entered by people from all over the country.